Making Learning Activities Available Outside the LMS

If you use a Learning Management System, why make learning activities available outside of the LMS?

This isn’t a trick question about MOOCs or open learning initiatives. It’s about giving students easier access to course content. Here are two reasons why students want to access content outside of the LMS, and why these features are important in StudyMate.

1) Mobile Convenience
Yes, it’s true what you’ve been reading, students are avid users of smartphones and tablets [sarcasm intended]. But have you tried to use a mobile browser to access LMS content? It can be quite time-consuming to login to the LMS, select the course, and locate the materials you want to review.

That’s why StudyMate gives instructors the option to make learning activities and games available both within and outside the LMS. When activities are additionally available outside the LMS, students can simply bookmark the page on their mobile browser and quickly access the learning activities whenever they like. No login or navigation required.

2) Link From Anywhere
Another reason instructors like to make learning activities and games available outside of the LMS is because links to the materials can be used anywhere. And by anywhere, we mean a syllabus, Twitter, an email — even within a news piece. StudyMate activities that appear outside the LMS are hosted on and they use a simple URL, like

How To Do It
To make StudyMate Class activities available from, go to the Edit tab and select the option “Make activities additionally accessible from an URL at” You’re prompted to enter a title and description, and to choose how often should sync with the project in the LMS.

StudyMate Class - Setting

StudyMate Author (our client-based version of StudyMate) also lets you publish activities to Go to the Preview & Publish tab, select the Publish Wizard, and then choose “Publish to” These projects can be updated, hidden or deleted from the “” tab.

StudyMate Author - Publish to

StudyMate activities are a powerful way to reinforce key concepts in a course. But it’s even more powerful when students can quickly access their activities from using simple web links. Give it a try.