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LockDown Browser: Superhero Help

Gotham shines the Bat-Signal when they’re in trouble. Staples solves problems with the Easy button. Not to be outdone, LockDown Browser troubleshoots technical issues with… Help Center. OK, sure, Bat-Signal is way more cool. But the response time of Help Center beats the rubber-clad superhero wings down. Plus, you don’t need to be a police […]

The Respondus Summer Conference Schedule

The Respondus team is gearing up for a busy summer exhibiting at Educational Technology and LMS user conferences. Be sure to visit us and attend our session if you’ll be attending any of these shows! Summer 2016 Schedule:    MoodleMoot US in Los Angeles, CA – June 21-23       Session: Prevent Cheating During Moodle Quizzes: […]

Connect with Respondus at an October Conference

The Respondus team is gearing up for a busy month!  Take a look at the schedule below, and be sure to visit us if you will also be attending one of these shows. Bonus: At each event we’ll have a drawing for one free campus-wide license of a Respondus application. Stop by our booth or […]

Anecdotal Evidence: 10 Points for Cheating

When you hear the words “anecdotal evidence” do you think someone is trying to turn a single data point into a theory? We share your skepticism. But hear us out on this, because this is something we keep hearing from customers. Put simply: when students take online exams in non-proctored environments (e.g. at home) using […]

A Network of 7,000 Publisher Test Banks

The name we gave to the “Respondus Test Bank Network” is, admittedly, a bit staid. Our marketing team has wanted to rebrand it for years – something more clever and modern. But the basic definition of a “network” – a system of interconnected things that leverages its resources – is precisely what the Respondus Test […]

A New LockDown Browser (ie. it’s not IE)

For the past 10 years the Windows version of LockDown Browser relied on Internet Explorer as its underlying engine. But when we saw that a better browser experience could be created with Chromium – the open source framework for Google Chrome — we decided to make the jump. Over 80 institutions have been using the beta release of the new browser based on Chromium for several months, with no major issues reported.