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Why Students Cheat

By David Smetters, CEO, Respondus We often promote Respondus LockDown Browser with the line: “Most students don’t cheat during online tests. But those who do, spoil it for the rest.” There isn’t hard data to back this claim. But all instructors have had classes where the dysfunctional behavior of a student (be it disruptions, extreme […]

Googleplex: In Search of Education’s Next Paradigm

by David Smetters, CEO of Respondus My 5-year old son came home from school and asked “What is 1 plus googleplex?” I stared at him blankly. We’d recently talked about infinity — how there’s no end to numbers because you can always add 1 — but I wasn’t sure where this was going. So I […]

eLearning: It’s Hip to be Frugal

Twenty years ago I bought a new pickup truck. Nowadays that truck mainly gets driven on weekends, but it’s been a great value over the years. If I take the purchase price and average it over 20 years, it works out to about $400 per year. That’s hard to beat. In normal times I wouldn’t […]