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Top Reasons to Use Respondus Applications

Sometimes we’re asked, “Why should I use your product?” Likewise, administrators or trainers frequently ask about the key benefits of our software to share with faculty or committees. Well, here’s an answer – actually, 10 of them. For each of our products we’ve created a top 10 list that describes the key benefits of the […]

Respondus 4.0 Wins Readers’ Choice Award

It’s pretty fun to win a contest you didn’t know you were competing in. That’s how “readers’ choice” awards work. A publication will ask their readers to nominate and rate various technologies they use, and ta-da, the winners are announced. And so it went with eCampus News’ 2014-2015 Readers’ Choice Awards.  Respondus 4.0 was one […]

Respondus 4.0: Administrator Tips for a New Term

Before the start of a new term or academic year, perhaps the busiest people on campus are those responsible for rolling out new software or training instructors on the latest versions. If you’re one of these people, and your responsibilities include Respondus 4.0, we recommend reviewing the following checklist before each term. 1) Distribute the […]

Tech Tip: Importing Word Files with Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is loaded with features, so you never know which ones will resonate with a new user. But the one that makes the most people smile is the “Question Import” task. This is where a test already in MS Word format can be imported into Respondus 4.0. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys copying and […]

5 Ways to Save Time with Respondus 4.0

Instructors use Respondus 4.0 because it saves them time preparing online tests. Lots of time. Here are just five ways Respondus 4.0 accomplishes that. 1. Import Wizard The feature with the greatest time-saving potential is the Import Wizard. Questions for an entire exam can be imported with Respondus 4.0 in minutes. For example, an exam […]

Video Tech Tip: Using Preconfigured Server Settings

“Dr. Bob” (Bob Boufford) shares a tip on how to use “preconfigured server settings” with Respondus 4.0. (This same approach works with StudyMate Author.) Preconfigured server settings enable an administrator of a campus-wide license of Respondus 4.0 to input the LMS server settings in advance (such as the login URL, LMS version, HTTPS, etc.).  This […]