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Top Reasons to Use Respondus Applications

Sometimes we’re asked, “Why should I use your product?” Likewise, administrators or trainers frequently ask about the key benefits of our software to share with faculty or committees. Well, here’s an answer – actually, 10 of them. For each of our products we’ve created a top 10 list that describes the key benefits of the […]

StudyMate Class Sandbox: Lurkers Welcome

Do you wish you could test drive a car without having to talk to a salesperson at the car dealership? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take home a mobile phone for a day before signing a 2-year contract?  Yes, we feel the same way. That’s why we developed the sandbox for StudyMate Class. […]

Making Learning Activities Available Outside the LMS

If you use a Learning Management System, why make learning activities available outside of the LMS? This isn’t a trick question about MOOCs or open learning initiatives. It’s about giving students easier access to course content. Here are two reasons why students want to access content outside of the LMS, and why these features are […]

Top 5 Questions about StudyMate Class

Our webinars on StudyMate Class typically include a question-and-answer period. Here are five of the most popular questions — and answers! We use StudyMate Author. Can the same content from those activities be used in StudyMate Class? Absolutely. A key goal of StudyMate Class is to make it easy to use existing content. The Import […]

Two Easy Ways to Create Learning Activities and Games

A powerful way to reinforce key concepts in a course is to present them within learning activities and games, such flash cards, crossword puzzles and self-quizzes. These types of activities encourage students to spend more time with course content because it doesn’t feel like “learning” to them. That sounds good, but creating quality learning activities […]

Teaching Tip: Grading Students in StudyMate Class

A student takes a test, and gets a grade. Writes a paper, and gets a grade. Gives a presentation, turns in homework, submits a lab project … more grades. Grading is the engine of education. As students spend more time with learning management systems, there is a greater desire by instructors to track and grade […]