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A Network of 7,000 Publisher Test Banks

The name we gave to the “Respondus Test Bank Network” is, admittedly, a bit staid. Our marketing team has wanted to rebrand it for years – something more clever and modern. But the basic definition of a “network” – a system of interconnected things that leverages its resources – is precisely what the Respondus Test […]

Publisher Test Banks: Get Ready for Next Term

Get a head start on the next term by requesting test banks in a ready-to-use Respondus and StudyMate format. There’s simply no faster or easier way for instructors to use publisher test banks to create online exams and learning activities. More Titles than Ever The Respondus Test Bank Network is a partnership with dozens of […]

Creating Online Tests from Publisher Test Banks (without the hassle)

Thousands of colleges and universities license Respondus 4.0.  Yet many instructors who use the software don’t know it works seamlessly with the Respondus Test Bank Network, which can save them countless hours creating online tests. The latest release of the Respondus Test Bank Network includes thousands of test banks from all the leading publishers in […]

Publisher Test Banks Made Easier

If you use a textbook with your course, there’s a good chance the publisher provides a test bank to go with it. The prewritten questions are a huge time saver, that’s for sure. But the time-savings shouldn’t stop there. To create online exams and learning activities from publisher test banks, there’s no faster way than […]